Plan  --  Meeting       Designer & Coordinator: Victor Chiang   1-510-640-4294 (wechat, line) (7-761-2986)    3-14-2019  at  Kaohsiung  
                                 Vic's Cell (temp):  Kaohsiung  0908-347-087     China-Shanghai: 198-2190-2181

Preliminary issue     for Participants review & comment,   not Open for Public.    
Proprietary Rights belong to Victor's Team (Taiwan-USA-China-Peru)

03-15 Meet with CityConuncil Huang, 03- 22 (fri) to 03-24 (Sun) Visiting ShanXi Coal Industry & Authority.

03-15-2019   Meeting Outline/Brief   1. Environment Protection:    2. Small & Medium Producers in Agriculture:   (15 minutes.)    (Discuss ... continue...).

re. Mayor Han's concern in Air Pollution Issue... . low quality Coal use.

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3-24-2019 in Hong Kong

1. Environment Protection:
     We need seek a suitable &  trust Co-Op local company to participate this project.   

A. Anthracite:  (Phase I... Quick, Visible..)
          Environment > Focus: Air Pollution > Target: Coal (Poor quality) > Quick Result: Anthracite (=Best Quality Coal)
          Phase: Anthracite for Small Industry / Residential Users...  >>  Medium Industry Users  
                          (acquire user's List & Suggested price from Environment Bureau)
           Our Niche: Stock in Kaohsiung. (Fast Response! To See to Believe.)..
           Be Aware: can not offer to larger Users (such as TaiPower) in the Phase I...
                                due to Suppliers can't carry out huge overhead & Users more sensitive in material Cost ...
                                plus have themselves (or competitive) sources.    

 B. Equipment: (Phase II... Initial Cost higher but overall saving & workable for long run. )
          Add or/and modify Exhaust Equipment or/and process Facility for Medium & Large Industry Users.      
          Our Niche: We will support & work with a larger scale & experienced Know-How Tianjin North China Municipal Design & Research Institute.
                             We will develop a Program ... at no cost for Users...
                             charge by our Service,  plus pay Premium by the Performance.   (apply to large Users...  such as TaiPower, China Petro.)

煤: (第一階段......快速,可見......)
          環境 > 重點:空氣污染 > 目標:(質量差)> 快速結果:無煙
          適用於小型 / 居住用戶的無
煤... >> 中型工業用戶
 B.設備: (第二階段...... 初始
          我們的利基:我們將支持並與更大規模和經驗豐富的 天津華北設計院
服務收費,加上性能表现的額外款。 (適用於大型用戶......如台電,中國石油。)

*Start: Stock: 250mt     est. 200 x 250 = $50000/wk    $200,000/mo.     circle (turn over) 2 months.... $400,000  (equal. 2000mt)  (C.O.D.  net 15, net30)

2. Small & Medium Producers in Agriculture:
     We will hire local independent Contractor to supervise.   Directly dealing with local Farmers Associations.
      Select purchase Items, Classification (quality), Price Index, Farmer Cost Analysis, Open Market current Price data... SOP
                  Max amount in Bad (price) market, minimum amount in Good (price) market. favorable Terms & Credits for each other.   Dispute solution...
      Our Niche: Our Purchase Price  must higher than the Farmer's Cost.   
      Be Aware:  we can buy most stuffs except Poor quality. pay more attention.... Seasons, Transit time Factors...
      Min. Purchase monthly Dollar amount.__________    

A. Fruit:               (reference..... )

B. Vegetable       (reference..... )

C. Other:            (reference..... )

      選擇購買項目,分類(質量),價格指數,農民成本分析,公開市場當前價格數據...... S.O.P.

Misc.... Ideas      (nothing with business)    by: Victor Chiang    3-2019  Kaohsiung

New ideas     (nothing with business)

1. Democrat > Major People decision > Voting
    Penalty for non-voting... thru Fines, extra Tax (pay tax is People's obligation)

2. Voter App or Cellphone: Free voter's Cellphone for every citizen. 

3. Han's Logo... must be commercialize, income may donate for good uses.
    (such as. promote Kaohsiung goods & reduce kaohsiung's deficits.)

4. Encourage China Investors, allow pull out the original investment, but the profits must  pay tax first,
     then spend in Taiwan or re-invest.

5. Reduce 300 Billion....  300,000,000,000  /  (60,000 apt x 4 yrs) =  1,250,000 (profit)     Selling Price: 2.5M.   
 6250/mo. at 3% int.

新主意    (與商業無關)

1.民主黨人 > 主要人民的決定 > 投票


3.韓的標誌......必須商業化,收入可以捐贈用於良好用途。 (推廣高雄商品,減少高雄的赤字。)


5A.減少300億...... 300,000,000,000 /(60,000 apt x 4 yrs)= 1,250,000(利潤)售價:2.5M。 6250 /月。 3% 利率

5B.    USE GDP BONUS TO dilute the Deficient.  please find out the Relation, Formula to compensate / Explanation. may  reflect to " Society Bonus"
                (Ex rate: 1:30)                          per People    
           2008   GDP    720000                   $24000    
           People         2,770,000,000         
           Deficient     300,000,000,000      416,667  /person                   
            7%              GDP inc    50400               8 yrs

Misc  items for Victor's Friend    may be fit    Potential    Kaohsiung Free Trade Zone.   how to link future  高雄自由貿易区

1. Plastic Scrap Recycling Importing regulation/restriction/license):     (Odor, Water, Solid Waste...)
    PE film bales > Pelletize > Film,  PET Bottle > Chip    Styrofoam > Compressed,
     Benefit: Recycling... profit,  new Jobs..  
     Best process site nearby local collection yard or port..
     **Study: Local existing plants.... raw material sources, capacity, technology, law/regulations....  Cost Analysis & Comparison..

Our Team & Platform Introduction:

Victor Chiang    蒋永春      1-510-640-4294  (wechat, line, whatsapp..)   Pacifica Calif. USA   (temp: 07-761-2986, 0908-347-087)
出生台北,  高雄市民,長期居住美国 , Semi-Retired.  小学女師附小,  中学成功中等  高中建國中學, 大學海洋學院,  海軍预官. USC Entrepreneur Seminar,   .......
  was resident... Villa Park, Ca., San Marino Ca,
Current:  Millwoodranch LLC  CEO (ranch developer),  Pemine (peru) owner (mining),  Casa Paicficans Association: President (Senior Apt management.),  
               Co-Location-Domains owner/web designer...,,, (domain only, no content yet)
               策划 / 協調/ 創始者。。Consultant... 幕后推手..筹备中... 国際高雄寒友社  (高雄国際進出口有限公司( KIIE) 高中国際事務所,寒友国際事務社)

Past:  任職 Experience,,,,
      Vic International:
       President, International Trading   USA-China... focus on Recycling Raw material.... Plastic Scrap, Cotton Waste, Paper....
       SoftCode (SJ)   Founder / Vice Pres.   (co-op 资策会 果芸)  Software developer with Taiwan
       Las Palomas (BOCA) Rio Grande Taxes Shrimp Farm : President  leased 640 acres lakes from 15km2 Federal wildlife land to raise shrimp 
       Victel: President   (Pioneer: 3M Telex telefax, Communication: Tel Key system, Pager, office equip..Fax/Copier..)   
                                   Graphnet & US Sprint: open Taiwan-USA int'l Circuit ,  
                                  CellPhone: LA Cellular co-Provider  ... 9 branches (LA, Alhambra, Monterey Park, Irvine, SF, Dallas, SJ, NY, Taipei)
       V & C Company  (Pasadena)  founder, manager  (Pioneer Waste Paper to China, after I left,  80-99 was the largest WP Exporter in USA.)
       Nuclear Power Plants: Engineer, 参与多家原子電厰结構設計 Bechtel power Corp,  Flour(Daniel International), Stone & Webster,
                          Ebasco. Sargent Lundy, CF Braun,  EDS, Quarex

       OOCL Marine Engineer, 第一批超级油輪輪机操作者. (Oriental Dragon,EnergyTransportation , Energy Creation)
            (misc.: V&C Rest., Monet Silk, Lococo Liquor.  , Vic RE)
Family member: two sons 1 daughter.....  graduated... Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, NorthWestern  
        0303-2019   Taipei Trip  

**給参与者建言: 别期望落地可即刻赚錢,成功執行才会让大家有收益,  能参与也就是参与一場台湾歷史的盛会。
 Team Members
  Team Members
 Millwoodranch LLC (Pacifica, Ca. USA) 
    PAA  Peru Anthracite Associates  
桑莱特(天津)节能材料有限公司   YXG

 国際高雄寒友社: 高雄国際進出口有限公司( KIIE)
上海宏开电子公司 上海市嘉定区江桥镇丰华路
Shangxi Energy Development Corp.