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Goal:  使高雄空氣污染指数下降到美丽高雄的地步!!


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  vic:  好像给餐厅用,不是平民用。從大小呎吋。
  vic:  等我几天把這近似產品基本市场信息了解一下。 美国及台湾

好的好的你就在美国Calif 州找几个那个。大的经销商。然后就跟他们谈你就说东南亚的那几个国家的探你,

Good pm sir Vic, you mention about the coconut shell,
what will we do about it?
since what I see in the Sunmon plant in Sulop Davao del sur.

I was able to tour their plant and they are exporting good quality charcoal.
that means that it is totally burned but not dusty and with stones and dust.
In other words it is very clean free from dust and foreign bodies.


  烧烤炭   China     Xiaman  

USA Domestic Market (House use)


vic:  看看美国市埸(在家庭用)上產品  
vic:  有的是小塊,及小粒。